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US की जगह वर्ल्ड लीडर बनना चाहता है चीन: रूस-यूक्रेन जंग रुकवाने में जुटे जिनपिंग; सऊदी अरब-ईरान एग्रीमेंट भी शी ने ही कराया

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International Desk3 hours ago

The American newspaper ‘The Wall Street Journal’ on Tuesday published a special report on the Russia-Ukraine war, which has been going on for a year. It said that before going on a tour of Russia next week, Chinese President Xi Jinping will hold a phone conversation with Ukraine’s President Voldomir Zelensky.

This news is very important for the world and especially for the American media. The question is, what was the need for Jinping, who is helping Vladimir Putin in every possible way in the war against Ukraine, that he has to talk to Zelensky sitting in the lap of America and NATO.

Actually, the truth is that China, which spread Kovid-19 and spread poor countries in debt trap, is now trying to become a global leader to cover up the antics. Its simple aim is also to end the status of America. Let’s know the matter in detail…

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