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Unbelievable! Man wins about Rs 40 lakh with truck’s malfunctioning odometer in US; details here

New Delhi: Along with the slight nip in the air, Diwali is also swiftly approaching. Ahead of the festival, presents and bonuses are pouring down onto the people. The latest entry is of a man from Maryland, USA. A man exploited the digits from his truck’s malfunctioning odometer to his advantage, and he used them to win his third lottery jackpot in 27 years.

According to Maryland Lottery authorities, Douglas Eck, 60, purchased an ancient car with an odometer stuck at 82,466 miles and has been playing the winning numbers daily. The Harford County resident claimed to have purchased a 50-cent Pick 5 ticket for the drawing on October 14 using the numbers 8-2-4-6-6, which corresponded to the point where the odometer stopped working. (Also Read: Diwali Gift: Centre announces ad-hoc BONUS for THESE employees; details here)

Eck won $25,000 when the digits coincided with the chosen numbers. The winner stated of his prize, “This is my bronze medal, but I am still thrilled.” In 1995, he won $50,000 in a drawing, and in 2008, he won $100,000 on a winning scratch-off ticket. (Also Read: EPFO announces Diwali Bonus for THESE employees; check details)

Another Maryland gamer previously won $50,000 using her former licence plate number. The 43-year-old couldn’t believe her good fortune when she realised all five of the numbers on her ticket had been drawn, giving her a prize of around Rs 40 lakh.

Another woman from the same state entered the numbers 2-3-8-1-5 that her sister had seen in a dream in order to win a prize that was close to Rs 20 lakh. The bus her sister was riding in her dream had those numbers on its licence plate, according to Maryland Lottery.

“I was happy. My Pick 3 and Pick 4 tickets contained nothing, but when I checked the Pick 5, it was straight across. I was unable to believe it “The victor declared.

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