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SVB क्राइसिस के कारण भारत का बैंक हो रहा परेशान: मिलता-जुलता नाम होने के कारण ग्राहकों में गलतफहमी, बैंक ने दी सफाई

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  • Silicon Valley Bank Crisis Vs Mumbai SVC Bank; Customers Confused On Name

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The closure of America’s Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has created confusion in the minds of some customers of a 116-year-old Mumbai-based bank. A large number of customers reached the bank to know the status of their deposits. The bank also had to issue a statement to allay the apprehensions of the customers.

There is a bank in Mumbai Shamrao Vithal Sahakari Bank i.e. SVC. SVB of America and SVC Bank of Mumbai have similar names. This is the reason why the customers got misunderstood. After this the bank issued a statement saying that they have no relation with ‘Silicon Valley Bank’. We request our members, customers and others not to pay heed to rumours.

The bank said that in the last financial year (2021-22), it has made a profit of Rs 146 crore. The bank has 198 branches and 214 ATMs across India. The bank also has 2300 employees. The bank offers Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and International Banking. The Bank has also received the Data Centers Award and Enterprise Security Award at the Xpress BFSI Technology Awards.

Emergency meeting called for SVB crisis
America’s 16th largest bank – Silicon Valley Bank has been ordered to be closed by the regulators. California’s Department of Financial Protection and Innovation has issued this order. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Federal Reserve are planning to create a fund so that other banks are not affected by this crisis.

The US Federal Reserve has also called an emergency meeting on Monday i.e. March 13. In this, the US Federal Reserve Board of Governors will discuss measures to deal with this crisis.

Losses to many Indian startups
More than 60 Indian startups are facing financial crisis due to Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) crisis. Out of this, there are 40 startups whose deposits of Rs 2 crore to Rs 8 crore are in SVB Bank. And 20 startups have more than Rs 8 crore deposited in their accounts. In this way, about 400 crore rupees are deposited in the bank of these startups.

Due to the US government’s ban on bank transactions till March 13, these startups have got their money stuck and many operations have stopped. In such a situation, to deal with this crisis, the Government of India is going to hold a meeting with the startup founders next week.

Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar said, in the meeting it will be seen how the government can help them in times of crisis.

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