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On Former Chinese President Hu Jintao’s Abrupt Escort, State Media Responds

Hu Jintao, former Chinese Minister who was asked to leave the stage at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Saturday, has been grabbing global attention across social media. His controversial exit from the Communist Party Congress, raised many questions. However, no statement was issued by the Chinese government in the matter.

However, several Chinese state media reports later claimed that his exit was caused because he “was not feeling well”. The closing ceremony of the Congress, which is held once in five years witnessed the 79-year-old being removed by unnamed Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Chinese Xinhua agency reporter Liu Jiawen said that Jintao had insisted on attending the closing session of the Party’s 20th National Congress, even though he was not well. However, several other media reports speculated that Jintao’s exit was part of China’s power politics on full display, with a leader representing a former time being symbolically removed.

In a video, that went viral on social media, the former minister was seen sitting next to Xi Jinping and was abruptly escorted out. Hu Jintao’s health concerns could be the reason, because on the first day of Congress was only able to walk in with the assistance of an official, a BBC report said.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang was also seen next to Xi, who also remained stone-faced and did not react as the former Chinese president was being removed.

According to a Reuters report, the Chinese Communist Party amended its constitution to make Xi Jinping the “Core” of its party. It is now expected that Xi Jinping will remain the final authority in China.

Xi is widely expected to become Party’s General Secretary, paving way for him to secure an unprecedented third term as Chinese president.

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