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Mumbai: Woman Switched From iPhone To Android Phone To Activate Credit Card, Duped Rs 7 Lakh- Here’s How

New Delhi: Over the past few months, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of cyber fraud instances. While the police and cyber cells work to educate the public about fraud, these online con artists are constantly coming up with new ways to deceive people. And by adapting, we actually mean finding new, unimaginable ways to do things.

For instance, a Mumbai woman lost Rs 7 lakh in a recent example of online fraud after she switched from an iPhone to a new Android phone to activate her credit card. In a case that was recently covered by Times Now, a woman from Panvel, Bombay, was tricked online by a con artist who claimed to be offering her a credit card and a free Android phone. (Also Read: Open Account With Rs 250, Get Rs 2.5 Lakh At Maturity From This Govt Scheme: Check Return Calculator, Other Details)

According to the report, a man named Saurabh Sharma called a 40-year-old woman and introduced himself as a bank official while offering her a new credit card and membership to a local sports club. (Also Read: This Restaurant Gives Free Food To Customers Over 158 Kg Weight – Read Story)

She took him up on his offer and accepted the new credit card. In order to start the procedure, she even gave the fraudster access to her personal information, including her Aadhar card. Sharma, the con artist, also claimed that an Android smartphone was required to activate the credit card.

He requested that she switch to the new phone he was providing because she was using an iPhone. She supplied her home address so the new Android phone could be delivered there, and she consented to use the device.

The woman received the new Android smartphone the same day as the call after discussing all the details. The phone reportedly comes pre-installed with the apps DOT Secure and Secure Envoy Authenticator.

Sharma instructed the woman to put her SIM card into the new phone after receiving it and to follow the on-screen prompts to finish the credit card activation process.

The woman did as the con artist instructed. A few hours after activating her credit card, she received two bank transaction alerts informing her of a 7 lakh purchase made using her credit card. The purchase was made from a Bangalore jewellery store.

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