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Indian Math Teacher Uses Music to Teach Trigonometry to US School Students, Twitter Users Say ‘Math Also Can be Fun’

A video of an Indian Maths teacher teaching ‘musical’ trigonometry has been making rounds on the internet recently. In the viral clip, he can be seen teaching trigonometry calculations to students with a musical twist. The students seem to enjoy the class as they actively participate in it. The clip was posted on Twitter with a caption that read, “Math also can be fun. Indian teacher teaching Trigonometry in the US”.

Many aren’t fans of mathematics and dislike it to the level of hating the subject as it requires students to memorise formula after formula to solve a problem. However, this viral innovative method makes learning joyful for the students. The video is an excellent example of how far a teacher can go to help students understand their subjects.

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The video has stacked up close to 1 million views along with a flood of reactions from users. “You byhearted it. They are learning basics which are needed for life,” a user remarked in the comments section of the post. Another said, “Absolutely, you reminded me of how I too went about it”.

Meanwhile, a few users responded to the video by talking about the methodology they used for learning trigonometry.

A unique teaching style benefits students greatly in the learning process. Previously, a video of a teacher was praised after he devised an innovative technique to boost his students’ confidence. The teacher asked the students to look into a box to find out who was his favourite student. They walk toward the box and return with a smile. They seemed overjoyed with the results. The smile on every student’s face left many wondering about what was there in the box. Finally, it was revealed that the box contained a mirror. The teacher’s message to the children was clear that all of them are his favourite students.

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