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How can they…: BJP leader films men offering namaz in train, files complaint

A video of four men offering namaz in train in Uttar Pradesh has gone viral. The railway authorities have been informed about the incident that took place on October 20.

Kushinagar,UPDATED: Oct 22, 2022 11:44 AM IST

The incident has been reported to railway authorities.

By India Today Web Desk: A video of four Muslim men offering namaz on a train surfaced on social media. The video purportedly shot by former Uttar Pradesh MLA Deeplal Bharti showed namaz being offered when the train halted at Khadda railway station.

The incident is from October 20, the BJP leader said, adding that he was travelling on the Satyagraha Express when he saw four men offering namaz, blocking the way of other passengers.

“I made the video. They offered namaz in a sleeper coach. It caused inconvenience as other passengers were not able to enter or exit the train. How can they offer namaz in public places? It was wrong,” Deeplal Bharti said.

The former MLA also stated that two people on two sides of the coach were blocking people from entering and exiting the coach.

The incident has been reported to Indian Railways authorities and Deeplal Bharti has called for action.

This isn’t the first incident of namaz offering in a public place in Uttar Pradesh. Earlier, a controversy broke out after a video showing a group of people offering namaz at Lulu mall in Lucknow surfaced on social media.

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