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Diwali 2022: 7 Last-Minute Snack Recipes You Can Prepare In 30 Mins

Diwali is finally here and the festive fervour is at an all-time high. This much-loved festival is all about diyas, twinkling lights, sweets, delicious snacks and much more. Also known as the ‘Festival of Lights,’ it is being celebrated on October 24 this year. Apart from bringing out our best festive fashion, the day also calls for delicious Diwali recipes, right?  After all, what’s better than pampering your family and friends with yummy home-cooked food. We bet you are already thinking about the party menu, especially the starters and snacks which set the tone of the party.

If you are on the hunt for easy-to-prepare delicious snack recipes, your search ends here. Considering your concerns, we have handpicked quick Diwali starters and snacks, which get ready in 30 mins and can be prepared last minute.

Here Are 7 Last-Minute Snacks You Can Prepare For Diwali 2022:

1. Corn Bhel

Chinese-style corn bhel is a sweet, spicy, crunchy recipe that celebrates corn in the very best way. Fresh corn kernels, potato chunks, and sev mingled in a tangy chutney and spices tastes super yummy.

2. Green Pea Hummus

You cannot stop gorging on this spicy green pea hummus, which is served with pita bread. Don’t miss to add tahini paste, olives, mustard and lemon juice.

3. Hara Masala Kebab

Garden fresh hara masala kebab score full marks on both taste and health quotient.

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This hara bhara kebab is ready in a matter of minutes. Photo Credit: Photo credits: NDTV BEEPS

4. Hot Basil Chicken Cups

Fresh and fragrant basil leaves are the heart of this Thai dish. Chicken chunks are tossed in oriental flavours of oyster sauce, fish sauce, light soya sauce, and sugar.

5. Baby Corn Fritters

Golden fried baby corn fritters served with mint mayo and sauce can get any party started. You can add some fish chunks as well.

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These crispy corn fritters will be ready in minutes. Photo: iStock

6. Batata Go

Mash some potatoes, coat them in a thick besan batter, deep fry till golden, and voila batata vada are ready to serve. Here is the easy-peasy recipe.

7. Zucchini Stuffed With Soya

Entertain your health-conscious friends with baked zucchini slices stuffed with a delicious filling of soya mix.

Happy Diwali 2022!

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