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Brain Teaser: What is the Full Form of PDF? Who was the First Indian Woman to win Booker Prize?

Test your knowledge with these questions (Representational Image)

Brain Teaser: Let’s check out if you can you answer these 10 general knowledge questions

General knowledge is an important part of government job examinations. Candidates have to face GK questions in different stages of recruitment or selection, from written examination to interview. Good preparation for General Knowledge can make the path to the job easier.

Since GK questions are permanent, once they are remembered well, they always come in handy. It does not change like general awareness. That’s why focusing on General Knowledge is necessary.

We have brought you the Top 10 General Knowledge Questions:

Question 1. Which is the largest ocean in the world?
Answer – North pacific ocean

Question 2. What is the full name of ASEAN?
Answer – Association of North-South East Asian Nations

Question 3. Which is the country which till date has not become the slave of anyone?
Answer – Nepal

Question 4. What is the full name of SAARC organization?
Answer – North-South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

Question 5. What is the full form of PDF?
Answer – Portable Document Format

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Question 6. Who was the first Muslim President of India?
Answer – Dr. Zakir Hussain

Question 7. With which sport is the word googly associated?
Answer – Cricket

Question 8. Question What is the full form of IP?
Answer – Internet ProtocolQuestion:

Question 9. Who was the first Indian woman to win the Booker Prize?
Answer – Arundhati Roy

Question 10. Whose picture is printed on the US currency dollar?
Answer – North America’s first President George Washington

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