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हैप्पी बर्थडे प्रभास: बाहुबली की सक्सेस के बाद 4 गुना बढ़ी प्रभास की फीस, अब एक फिल्म के लिए 100 करोड़ तक लेते हैं

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A film which the actor gave 5 years of his career and as a result he became the actor of the film industry i.e. Prabhas. Today is the 43rd birthday of Prabhas. Prabhas has traveled from Telugu industry to Pan India, but the special thing is that despite being from film background, Prabhas never wanted to become an actor. However, at the behest of his uncle, he turned to films. After appearing in many great films in South Cinema, Prabhas got the popularity from the film Bahubali. While the rest of the stars fall asleep before the release of the film, Prabhas takes his full sleep. Before appearing in the Bollywood film Saaho, Prabhas made his Bollywood debut with Action Jackson. Even after so much stardom, so far Prabhas has done only one brand endorsement.

So let’s look at Prabhas’s birthday today on his journey from Telugu star to Pan India star.

Prabhas did not want to become an actor, had a dream to open a hotel business

Prabhas was born to film producer Uppalapati Surya Narayan Raju. Prabhas is the youngest of his two siblings. Despite being from a film background, Prabhas never wanted to work in films. He was very fond of food, so he wanted to go into hotel business. Now the question is how did Prabhas come to the movies. Actually, Prabhas’s uncle was making a film and the character of the film’s story was very similar to Prabhas’s real life character. After seeing this character, his uncle told him that you should also work in films. Earlier, Prabhas did not want to appear in films, but after persuading his uncle, he came to films.

Prabhas made his acting debut in 2000.

In 2000, Prabhas made his acting debut with the film Ishwar, but Prabhas did not get any special recognition from this film. However, after this, the 2004 film ‘Varsham’ established Prabhas as a hero. After this Prabhas worked in many more films which included many films like ‘Poornami’, ‘Yogi’, ‘Munna’, ‘Billa’ and ‘Ek Niranjan’. Many of these were also hits.

Prabhas gave 5 years of career to Bahubali franchise

Prabhas did many films but the film that made him a pan India star was Bahubali. This film was released in 2015. Prabhas gave 5 years of his career to this film. This was also the period when the actor also got offers for many big films, but he turned down all the offers. After the release, this film proved to be the biggest hit of his career, but while working in this film, Prabhas also had to face financial crisis because at that time apart from this film, he did not have any other source of income.

To make this grand project of Rajamouli successful, Prabhas did not know how many films offers were dropped. Had there been any other actor in his place, he might not have been able to give such a long time to any other film, but Prabhas gave 5 years of his career to this film and during this time he did not take up any project. Regarding this, Prabhas had once said that he can give 5 or even 7 years for Rajamouli and his ‘Bahubali’.

Prabhas made his Bollywood debut with the film Action Jackson.

Very few people know that Prabhas was seen in a cameo in the Bollywood film Action Jackson. After this, he was seen as a lead actor in the film Saaho released in 2019. However, this film could not show anything special at the box office. Prabhas’s film Radhe Shyam was released after 3 years. This film was also a bad flop at the box office.

Have done only one brand endorsement in career so far, have turned down an endorsement of 150 crores

Prabhas has done brand endorsement only once. The actor had served as the brand ambassador for the Mahindra TUV 300 car in 2015. He had also turned down a brand endorsement of 150 crores in 2020.

Prabhas is famous for his generosity

A 20 year old boy was a big fan of Prabhas. That boy was a victim of a serious disease like cancer. She expressed her desire to meet Prabhas in the last stage of cancer. When Prabhas came to know about this, he left the shooting of the film in the middle and went to the hospital to meet the boy. Prabhas spent about an hour with his fan, a few days after that the boy died but the actor gave the boy a lot of happiness on the way.

Prabhas takes full sleep before film release

The most important thing about Prabhas, who has established himself as ‘Bahubali’, is that he sleeps comfortably before the release of the film. He believes that even if the film flops, it will not affect his sleep and if it becomes a hit, he will celebrate his success with a fresh mind.

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