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स्वरा-फहाद आज ट्रेडिशनल तरीके से करेंगे शादी: स्वरा के नाना के फार्महाउस पर होंगे शादी से जुड़े इवेंट, 19 मार्च को बरेली में होगा रिसेप्शन

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Swara Bhaskar is now getting married in a traditional way. Some photos of their pre-wedding have also come to the fore. In the photos, Swara and her husband Fahad are seen applying turmeric to each other. Swara has also created Mehendi in the name of Fahad.

According to the reports, today i.e. on March 16, both will tie the knot in a traditional way. Swara-Fahad had already done court marriage on 6 January. Swara had revealed this secret through a video on social media.

Veena Nagda applied mehndi to Swara-Fahad
Famous celebrity henna artist Veena Nagda applied mehndi to Swara Bhaskar. According to reports, Swara had promised Veena Nagda long ago that whenever they get married, she would call Veena to apply henna.

Sharing pictures on Mehndi on her social media, Veena wrote, ‘At the time of Veere Di Wedding, you had promised me that I will apply Mehndi on your hands. That day has come today.

Getting married at Swara’s maternal grandfather’s farm house
If reports are to be believed, all the events related to the wedding are being held at Swara’s maternal grandfather’s farmhouse in Delhi. According to the Indian Express report, Swara’s maternal grandfather had insisted that the wedding events be held at his farm house and Swara-Fahad happily agreed to it.

Marriage on March 16, reception on March 19
Swara-Fahad will be married today in Delhi. While the reception will be held at Swara’s in-laws’ Bahedi in Bareilly. According to Fahad’s father, a Qawwali has also been organized during the wedding.

A reception has been organized on March 19 at a marriage lawn on Nainital Road. According to reports, to welcome Swara, her in-laws house is being decorated like a bride.

Close friends and people associated with the industry are expected to attend.
If reports are to be believed, select guests are expected to attend Swara-Fahad’s wedding. Although Swara did not reveal any date related to marriage, but if the news is to be believed then she has invited some of her special friends from the film industry in marriage.

Swara-Fahad met during the Protest
Fahad and Swara first met in 2019 during a Protest. During the Protest, the two became friends and a conversation started. In March 2020, Fahad invited Swara to his sister’s wedding. Then Swara had said that I am busy shooting, so I will not be able to come, but I swear I will definitely come to your wedding.

From 2020 to 2022, the closeness between the two increased in these two years. Finally, on January 6, both of them filed marriage papers in the court under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 and got married. Swara had exposed this through a video.

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