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स्वंयवर के बाद अब मीका-अकांक्षा नहीं करेंगे शादी!: बताया अच्छा दोस्त, बोलीं- भला हमने कब कहा कि हम एक दूसरे से प्यार करते हैं

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Singer Mika Singh composed his swayamvar on national television about three months ago. Contestant Akanksha Puri, who came with a wild card entry in the Punjabi TV show Mika Di Voti, was selected by Mika as his wife. However, the two did not tie the knot even three months after the show ended, which had been buzzing for a long time. Now recently, TV actress Akanksha Puri has given a big statement breaking the silence on this matter.

Told Akanksha only good friend
The actress said in an interview to ETimes- ‘Me and Mika Singh’s bonding has not changed even after the show’s Mika Di Voti. Both were good friends before and are still good friends. When the actress questioned her and Mika’s marriage, the actress replied, “Yes, this swayamvar was to choose a partner, so we thought it better to choose each other, because we were already together- knew the other. But we never said that we love each other, not only that we ever romanced.

Even after the show there is the same bonding as before
Talking about her and Mika’s relationship, Akanksha Puri said- Our decision was already clear that we are looking for a life partner, who should also be our friend first. Nothing has changed between us even after the TV show, we are still very good friends as before.
The actress further said- ‘She and Mika are good friends and respect each other. Concluding the talk, Akanksha said – We are now paying more attention towards our career. Both have taken many bad experiences from life, so we want to move forward slowly. We don’t hold each other’s hands and don’t do any romance in public because we know what our relationship is.

Mika chose Akanksha Puri out of 12 girls
In the show, Mika got a chance to find his partner. A special Swayamvar show was launched for him. A total of 12 girls participated in this reality show, but Mika chose his childhood friend Akanksha Puri for the swayamvar. Most of the boys and girls get married in the finale of Swayamvar, but Mika and Akanksha did not get married at that time. After Akanksha’s statement, it is now expected that Mika and Akanksha will not get married.

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