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स्पाइसजेट ने अपने पाइलट्स की सैलरी बढ़ाई: दिवाली से पहले मंथली सैलरी में 7 लाख तक का हाइक दिया; 80 घंटे तक फ्लाइट उड़ाने वाले कैप्टंस को फायदा

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SpiceJet has revised the salary structure of the captain of his company before Diwali and has given him an increased gift. The company has increased the monthly salary of captains flying for 80 hours by 55%.

October 2022 salary hiked by 22%
A SpiceJet spokesperson said, “The salary of a captain who has flown for 80 hours has been increased by up to Rs 7 lakh. SpiceJet has increased the salary of pilots on a monthly basis. Hiked up to 22% in his salary for the month of October.

New salary will be available from November 1
SpiceJet said that the new salary structure of the pilot will be applicable from November 1, 2022. Captains will now get more salary than the salary received before the pre-covid time. Along with Captains, the salary of Trainers and Senior First Officers has also been increased.

The company was delaying in paying the salary
Some time back, SpiceJet employees had complained that the company was delaying their salaries. Many employees, including the flight crew, had said that they did not get the salary for the month of July. They were also not given Form No-16 for the financial year 2021-22.

Continuously increasing base salary – SpiceJet
SpiceJet had said on the complaints of the workers that they have been continuously increasing the basic salary of their pilots. Compared to August, the salary of trainers increased by 10% in September and by 8% in the salary of captains and first officers. In October also, a hike of 22% was given in the salary.

80 pilots sent on leave for 3 months
Despite all this, SpiceJet sent around 80 of its pilots on a 3-month leave. SpiceJet is not paying any salary to its pilots for these holidays. SpiceJet had said, “This decision was taken for a temporary period keeping in mind the cost of the company.”

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