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साड़ी में स्ट्रगल करती नजर आईं खुशी कपूर: बहन जाह्नवी कपूर ने मुस्कुराते हुए की मदद

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Famous designer Manish Malhotra organized a pre-Diwali party at his house on Thursday evening. In this Diwali party, Jhanvi appeared in a traditional look with her sister Khushi, but during this, Khushi had to struggle a lot with her outfit, a video of which has surfaced. In this video, both Jhanvi and Khushi are seen entering the party. During this, Jhanvi was wearing a dark green shimmery lehenga. At the same time, her younger sister Khushi appeared in a sleeveless blouse with a white sari at the Diwali party. In the video, Jhanvi and Khushi also posed for the paparazzi together. And after that while going inside, Khushi is unable to climb the ladder. While climbing the ladder, Khushi has to struggle a lot in the sari, during which Jhanvi smiles and then holds her hand and helps her to climb the ladder. Watch video…

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