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शाहिद कपूर के पीछे पागल थीं राजकुमार की बेटी: खुद को उनकी पत्नी बताने लगी थीं, परेशान होकर शाहिद ने दर्ज कराई थी शिकायत

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The daughter of yesteryear’s famous actor Raj Kumar was a big fan of ‘Reality Pundit’ Shahid Kapoor. She was so mad after Shahid that reality followed her wherever she went. The two first met in the dance class of celebrity choreographer Shiamak Dabur. From there she fell in love with Shahid’s looks.

The reality was so immersed in Shahid’s love that she even started telling herself as his wife. Shahid was so upset with him that he even filed a police complaint against him.

Used to sit on the bonnet of Shahid’s car
If reports are to be believed, Pandit had actually taken his own house near Shahid’s house. Whenever Shahid stepped out of the house, reality used to follow him. She even used to sit on the bonnet of Shahid’s car.

Although this love of reality was one sided. Initially, Shahid didn’t react to this but when he got completely upset, he lodged a police complaint against the reality. Somewhere then reality stopped chasing Shahid.

Despite being the daughter of a superstar, she could not succeed
Reality Pandit made her debut in films in 1996 but after a long struggle, she did not get any success and she remained just a struggler. Even after being the daughter of a superstar, Awakalati could not find success in Bollywood.

He definitely used Shahid Kapoor’s name to get publicity, but even this could not take his career forward. According to media reports, she left acting, dance and fitness classes etc. in Shahid’s affair. She started staying around Shahid’s apartment day and night.

Educated ‘reality’, there was no disease..
It is said that in reality there was no disease. She is also well educated. He learned acting in Mumbai after completing his degree from New York.

Director Lawrence D’Souza made the film ‘Dil Bhi Kya Cheez Hai’ with him in 2000, but later he was replaced from the film. If reports are to be believed, the director didn’t like his acting after which he was dropped from the film.

two brothers have one sister reality
Rajkumar has worked in about 70 Bollywood films for 4 decades. He is still remembered for his excellent dialogue delivery. Rajkumar was often seen in royal style in his films and this style also suited him.

Rajkumar was born in a Kashmiri Pandit family, his real name was Kulbhushan Pandit. He left the job of Sub Inspector to become an actor. They had three children, two sons, Puru Rajkumar, Panini Rajkumar, and a daughter, Awakiya. There is no information about where the reality is at the moment and what it is doing.

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