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लाइव शो में एंकर गिरीं: वेदर अपडेट दे रहीं थीं CBS प्रेजेंटर, पहले भी उनके साथ यह हादसा हुआ- देखें VIDEO

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The anchor fell unconscious in a live segment of the famous TV news channel CBS in America. During this his associate anchors had to take a break. The name of the falling anchor is Alyssa Carlson Shewortz. His condition is fine now and he himself shared his health update on social media. However, the video of Alyssa falling during the live show is going viral on social media.

Alyssa posted a health update on Facebook. Said – I am fine now. Thanks friends.

Over to you Alyssa…

  • Nichelle Medina and Rachael Kim were anchoring live from the Los Angeles studios of CBS News on Saturday. There was a morning show here and weather updates were also told in it.
  • Nichelle and Kim call Alyssa for a weather update. The camera pans to Alyssa. Alyssa was able to speak only a few words when suddenly her eyes became strange. He tried hard to recover, but failed. She fainted and fell and during this her head hit the table placed in front of her. The co-anchors realized the gravity of the situation and immediately announced going on a break.
  • A few hours later Alyssa said on Facebook – I am absolutely fine now. What happened suddenly at that time, I do not remember. Thanks friends. In 2014, Alyssa used to work for another channel. Even then exactly the same thing happened to him in the live show.

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