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राजू श्रीवास्तव की पत्नी ने शेयर किया थ्रोबैक वीडियो: गाना गुनगुनाते नजर आए लेट कॉमेडियन, फैंस हुए इमोशनल

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Late comedian Raju Srivastava’s wife Shikha Srivastava recently shared a video. In the video, Raju is seen humming a song by Kishore Kumar. Shikha wrote in the caption accompanying the video, “It’s been a month since you left but you are still in our midst.” Apart from this, Shikha also shared an emotionally taxing poem. Obviously it has been a month since Raju Srivastava left the world, but his family and fans remember him everyday.

Share emotional poetry

Raju’s wife Shikha also shared a poem with the video remembering her husband. The lines of the poem are something like this – “Dhadkan ka bandhan to dhadkan se hai, Naina is asking me where you are, if you are in memories, now it is only in dreams… Didn’t know that this song was so soon ( In just 12 days) you will turn it into reality. Didn’t know that only the heartbeat would deceive us, you would make us cry like this while making everyone laugh.

fans got emotional

Obviously, the fans are looking quite emotional after reading these lines. Some fans wrote- “Why did Raju bhai leave us so soon.” One wrote- “There will be no other comedian like you anymore.”

Raju died due to heart attack

Please tell that Raju Srivastava died due to heart attack. He had a sudden attack while exercising on 10 August, after which he died on 21 September 2022 at the age of 58 after being hospitalized for about 42 days.

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