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माधुरी दीक्षित ने पटाखों से जला लिए थे बाल: ऋतिक ने जलाए पड़ोसियों के पर्दे तो जैकी श्रॉफ के लिए लाइफ चेंजर रहा ये त्योहार

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  • Madhuri Dixit Had Burnt Her Hair In Diwali, Hrithik Lit The Curtains Of Neighbors And This Festival Was A Life Changer For Jackie Shroff

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Diwali is a festival that brings with it a lot of happiness. Diwali is celebrated in full swing in Bollywood too. Meanwhile, we are going to tell you some unheard memories of Bollywood celebs related to this beautiful festival-

Madhuri Dixit’s hair burnt due to firecrackers

Madhuri Dixit has been celebrating Diwali since childhood. As a child, she used to burn a lot of firecrackers with friends and family. Once, while lighting firecrackers with friends, a big accident happened with Madhuri. Madhuri once held a firecracker in her hand, in the meantime a friend had fun and set fire to the firecracker. The firecracker exploded in Madhuri’s hand and her hair caught fire. Thankfully the face survived. Madhuri still remembers this incident.

Hrithik burnt neighbor’s curtains

Diwali is dull without crackers. Hrithik also used to burn a lot of firecrackers with friends in his childhood. Once in childhood, Hrithik was celebrating Diwali with friends under his house. When he lit the rocket in the empty bottle, the bottle fell and the rocket went straight to the neighbor’s window. This caused a fire on the neighbor’s screen. All the friends ran away.

Diwali proved to be life changing for Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff used to be a goon of a chawl in Mumbai. He often used to bully and beat up his colleagues. Just before Diwali, Jackie was arrested by the police for committing a hooliganism. It was Diwali, mother was waiting for Jackie to worship, but he was in jail. On this day Jackie thought that after today he would never do bullies. Since then, Jackie left the hooliganism and started working.

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