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ब्रिटेन की PM लिज ट्रस का इस्तीफा: कहा- वादे पूरे नहीं कर सकी; एकजुट पार्टी सांसद ही बना रहे थे दबाव

London2 days ago

British Prime Minister Liz Truss, who has been facing heavy pressure for a week, finally announced her resignation on Thursday. However, she will remain in the post till the next Prime Minister is elected. Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the Conservative Party’s Special Rule Committee, 1922, met Liz and told her that the party no longer saw him as a leader.

According to BBC – Liz remained in office for only 45 days. This is the shortest tenure of any British Prime Minister. Before this, in 1827, George Canning was PM for 119 days.

what did liz say
The British Prime Minister told the media outside her official residence 10 Downing Street – I could not fulfill the promises I came to power. regret it. I have informed King Charles about this. Even between the party and her own turmoil, Liz remained silent last week. The situation was such that the opposition even tightened the taunt of hiding under the bench in Parliament.

Liz gave an interview to the BBC on Monday. Said- Taking responsibility for the breach of promise and mistakes, I apologize. We want to fulfill every promise, but now it will take time. On the question of resignation, had said – I do not give up. Don’t waste time on frivolous things like resignation. The same thing is in the interest of the country. However, he resigned after 2 days.

Is general election even possible now?
According to ‘The National World’ – there are many MPs of the Conservative, Labor and Liberal Democrats parties who are tired of political tug-of-war. They say that general elections are the only way for political stability. There are two things here. First- According to the schedule, the next general election is to be held in 2025.

Second- If the government wants to announce the election or it should continue whatever is going on. Usually ruling parties announce elections only when they are confident of victory. That’s what Boris Johnson and Theresa May did. Liz had become very weak politically at the moment. Instead of announcing a fresh election, he resigned so that the blame for the defeat would not go to his head.

what is the story behind the scenes
In fact, the Conservative Party has a rule book committee. It is called the 1922 Committee. According to this, there are two ways to remove a prime minister – no-confidence motion or resignation. Johnson agreed to resign after a no-confidence motion was passed. There is a screw here and it was very important in the case of Liz Truss. Actually, the rule book of 1922 committee says that no no-confidence motion can be brought against any prime minister for one year.

According to BBC – Liz had disappointed everyone. Hence the demand arose that this one-year rule should be abolished by convening a meeting of the 1922 committee. Sir Graham Brady, the chief of the committee, could have done this, and he did.

middle way taken
The snake also died and the stick did not break. According to the British website ‘National World’ – there is one more rule in the Conservative Party. Under this, the party can remove its leader i.e. the Prime Minister. 50% of Conservative MPs could approach Sir Graham Brady, the chief of the 1922 committee, asking for Liz’s removal as leader. That’s what was done.

Sir Brady then went to Lidge with the party’s chief whip, Wendy Mortern. Told them the wishes of the MPs. However, this was also an indirectly designed exercise. The popularity of the party has come down by 34%. Liz’s approval rating had reached minus 47. There is a general election in 2025.

Who will be the prime minister? The sage heard and was silent
Former finance ministers Kwasi Warteng and Jeremy Hunt have both declared themselves out of the race for the new party leader. Now the strongest claim can be considered to be of Indian origin Rishi Sunak. On Wednesday itself, ‘The Guardian’ had said in a report – the thinking of the people of Britain and many MPs of the Conservative Party is that Sunak was to be made prime minister in September. Liz was chosen wrong.

Now the question is, will Rishi Sunak join this race again? The main reason for this is that there was turmoil in the politics of the party and the country since 15 days and the sage was calm. Former minister Mordent can also join the race. Anyway, Sunak got the most votes in the voting done by the MPs before Liz was elected.

But, when two candidates, Liz and Sunak, were left, the members of the Conservative Party took the decision. Liz won it. Sunak was already warning that the election promises Liz was making would destroy the UK economy.

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