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ब्रिटिश होम मिनिस्टर का इस्तीफा: 43 दिन ही पद पर रहीं भारतीय मूल की सुएला ब्रेवरमेन; लिज ट्रस की मुश्किलें बढ़ीं

London3 days ago

Britain’s Interior Minister Suella Braverman resigned from the cabinet on Wednesday. A few days ago, Finance Minister Kwasi also resigned. The news of Suella’s resignation has been given in media reports. There was no word from Prime Minister Liz Truss or a government spokesman.

Liz Truss, the leader of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party, has had a very bad week so far. Some MPs from his own party are also demanding the resignation of Liz. Some reports have said that Suella may soon announce that she will join the race for party leadership. Recently, he blamed immigrants for the rising crime rate and religious violence in Britain.

Suella sent this resignation to British Prime Minister Liz Truss.

Suella is of Indian origin

  • Sharp Conservative leader Suela is of Indian origin. His father was from Goa, while mother was Tamil. Suella was given the command of the Interior Ministry 43 days ago by Prime Minister Liz Truss.
  • A BBC report said Suella met Prime Minister Liz Truss on Wednesday evening in her office. After this Suela came out and did not say anything to anyone and went away silently. After some time his resignation came in front of the media.
  • Recently, Suela had talked about sending people who came from Rwanda and illegally living in Britain back to their country. Liz is said to have been annoyed by his statement.
Some media reports said that the tension between Suella and Liz Truss was going on for the past few days.

Some media reports said that the tension between Suella and Liz Truss was going on for the past few days.

taunt the government

  • According to a report, Suella has taken a jibe at the functioning of her own government. According to him, the Liz government could not fulfill any of the promises made to the public so far. Suella said about Liz – Forgiveness for every mistake will not work. We also have to take responsibility for them and also tell the truth to the people.
  • He had also raised questions on the policy making strategy of the government in the past. Suella had said – Why did we make such promises in the beginning which could not be fulfilled. Now apologizing to people on everything is wrong.
  • Britain’s Prime Minister Liz Truss’s chair is also facing a crisis due to the resignation of two ministers in a week. Members of his own party are preparing to bring a no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister.

Liz apologized

  • Liz Truss gave an interview to the BBC on Tuesday amid questions being raised in Parliament and the party. During this said- I am sorry for the mistakes I have made. I want to fulfill every promise I made to the people of Britain, but now it will take time.
  • Liz’s party MP and senior leader Jeremy Hunt said on Monday – the prime minister had promised tax cuts as soon as he took power. What happened to it? What message are we giving people? Why there was a recession in the market and the stock market. Why are you not getting the answer?
  • Liz said without taking Hunt’s name – it has been a month since I became Prime Minister. I agree that things didn’t go the perfect way. We will fix them soon. Now to get on the track, other ways have to be adopted.
  • Some British MPs are accusing Liz Truss of being opportunistic. These people say that she remained a minister in the Boris Johnson government till the end, while the Indian-origin Rishi Sunak, who challenged her in the last election, left the post keeping her word.

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