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बिग बॉस 16: गोरी नागौरी ने दी बिग बॉस को धमकी, वीकेंड का वार में करण जौहर ने लगाई फटकार

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In this week’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode of reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss 16’, Karan Johar will be seen hosting the show in place of Salman Khan as Bhai Jaan has got dengue. In this promo video, Karan reprimands the show’s contestant Gori Nagori for threatening Bigg Boss and misbehaving with Archana Gautam. It is shown in the promo that Gori looked into the camera and said – Bigg Boss, I want you to answer otherwise someone may break his hand or leg. In this video, Karan said while taking Gori Nagori’s class – it was disrespectful, it was beyond your limits. Gauri Do you want to stay at home or go out? Actually, in the last episode, it was seen how all the family members start violating the rules as soon as Archana Gautam becomes the captain. Somebody steals chocolates from their room and some fruits. If someone talks in English, then someone refuses to do his duty. Watch video..

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