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निवेश से फ्यूचर रहेगा सेफ: क्या सलाह देते हैं मुकेश अंबानी और माइकल डेल जैसे दिग्गज बिजनेसमैन

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Financial freedom is very important in life. The easiest and best way to do this is by investing. You can secure your future only by investing. It has many advantages…

1. Best source of passive income – Pandemic has made us understand one thing that we cannot rely only on our regular income. If for some reason we are not able to get our regular income, then it can be difficult. To reduce this risk, you should have another option of income, which will come in handy in difficult times. This is possible from your fixed deposit income, from equities, from mutual funds, from property and other assets. All these investments will continue to give you equal returns, even when your regular income stops.

2. Financial freedom is attained – Do you have a fear that after retirement you will become financially dependent on someone? So by making regular investments, you can maintain your financial independence even after retirement. You will get it every month and will meet your needs.

3. Hobbies and dreams can be fulfilled – If you are thinking of retiring early to fulfill any of your dreams or hobbies, then investment is the key that will open all the locks in the way of fulfilling your dreams. Invest your money in a planned manner and retire when you are satisfied with your deposits. With the money you will get from investing, you will be able to meet your expenses while fulfilling your hobbies.

4. Can avoid inflation – Inflation is a fact of life from which no one can escape. Investment is also the best way to avoid inflation. You can easily fight inflation by making regular investments. In this way your purchasing power will also be maintained.

5. To avail tax benefits- You also get tax benefits from investing. Many investment products like PPF, tax saving bonds, long term fixed deposits offer tax benefits. If you invest wisely in them, then you will reduce your tax burden to a great extent.

What do these three stalwarts recommend…

1. Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technology

Think Investing with Personal Values

When thinking about your retirement goal, ask yourself what did you want out of life when you started working? Wanted to be a great writer? Wanted to be an artist? Or wanted to become a scientist? What did you want to achieve without worrying about money? Rethink about that desire as you plan for retirement or make any investment decisions.

2. Tom Monaghan, Domino’s Pizza

Take short and long term goals

Young investors are advised to adopt short and long term goals. This advice has worked for those who are just starting out. Later it can be difficult to make a time table to accomplish the goal. If you are between the ages of 30-40, you can set short and long term goals as you are yet to meet a lot of your financial needs. Once you have funded your retirement, fulfilled your responsibilities, then you need to think about your desires. Never consider your checklist complete. I think we should keep dreaming. I can’t stop myself from dreaming new ones. Keep setting new and bigger goals for yourself till retirement and even after that and take them seriously. Long term goals give us far vision whereas short term goals build our credibility in everyday life.

3. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries

Non-financial goals should also be clear

This may not sound like investment advice, but it is what it is. Non-financial goals are very important to achieve financial objectives. Any business that has only one goal and one motivation to make as much money as possible can never be good. Similarly, people who invest money, they will also question themselves one day or the other that what are their intentions or what is the purpose behind this goal. When your intentions are clear behind your financial objectives, they influence every investment decision. For example, if family is your priority, then you can invest in property. Goals should be clear in mind along with passion for what you like.

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