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नवाज पर आलिया के वकील का पलटवार: बोले- नवाजुद्दीन सिद्दीकी पर लगाएंगे रेप चार्ज, अगर कोई विनय भार्गव है तो नवाज उसे सामने लाएं

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The dispute that started between actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui and his wife Alia may increase Nawaz’s problems. Recently, Nawaz’s lawyer made music allegations against Alia, now the reaction of Alia’s lawyer has come to the fore. He has hit back at Nawazuddin and his lawyer.

During a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Rizwan said- ‘We will file a case against Nawaz under Article 509, not only that we will impose rape charges on him. We will also call him for DNA test.

Will file a case under 509 – Aaliya’s lawyer
Rizwan Siddiqui further said – Nawaz’s lawyer has done a very childish act. Instead of coming to the court, he has said baseless things about our client by making allegations in the press conference. So we are now going to file a case against Nawaz under Article 509. There is no weight in the allegations made by Nawaz’s lawyer. They have tried to say that my client robs the rich by trapping them.

Will call Nawaz for DNA test
Rizwan said- ‘Nawaz has been escaping for the last 10 to 15 years. Nawaz’s lawyer went so far as to claim that even the children are not his. In such a situation, more cases are going to be filed against Nawaz. Along with the child, I will also call Nawaz for DNA test.

Rizwan told the police that he was for sale
Taking a dig at the Rizwan police, he said- ‘Nawaz’s mother accused my client of having an illegitimate relationship. So the police have been sold anyway. In such a situation, we will file a case against him under Article 509, because it is character assassination of my client. Rizwan is taking orders from the court in this regard.

There is a person named Vinay Bhargava, then Nawaz should bring him in front – lawyer
Rizwan also termed further allegations as ridiculous. Rizwan says- ‘If my client had married Vinay Bhargava before Nawaz then why hasn’t he come forward till now, whereas Nawaz and Aaliya Siddiqui have been married for 11 years. We would like Nawaz himself to come forward with photos and videos and tell who is Vinay Bhargava and where is he? ,

Nawaz is not a milk-fed child – lawyer
Questioning Rizwan Nawaz, he says, ‘If it is really true about marriage to Vinay Bhargava, then why did Nawaz marry a married woman? Nawaz will have to explain why he was taken away. Nawaz married someone else’s wife when he was a milk-fed child and he also changed his religion at her behest? It is a matter of common sense that Nawaz is such a big hero, with whom Aaliya Siddiqui’s photo is constantly appearing in the public domain, but Vinay Bhagarv, if he is, is never coming in front.

Rizwan further says, ‘It is also an amazing allegation that if in the year 2011, both of them separated with mutual consent. Then came back together. Bought a house too. There were so many cases of domestic violence. There were also children. Now also say that that child is also not theirs. It can be understood that all these allegations are baseless. Nawaz does not have his own voice to come forward and make all the allegations. In his place, his mother and his family members are making allegations. ,

Nawaz is going to be a senior citizen in the next three years – lawyer
Rizwan says, ‘If Aaliya sent divorce notices for years, then what was Nawaz doing to her, he was sitting. According to his lawyer, Alia is someone else’s wife. Nawaz’s passport is with me. They have the original date of birth on them. Nawaz will become a senior citizen in the next three years. He has hidden his age by six to seven years.

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