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दोस्त इंसान के अंतिम दर्शन को पहुंचा बंदर: मृतक का माथा चूमा, उसे प्यार से देखता रहा- देखें VIDEO

Colombo2 days ago

A video of Sri Lanka is going viral. It belongs to Battilkoa in eastern Sri Lanka. One person died here. Friends and relatives gathered for the last darshan. Meanwhile, a monkey arrives. What happens after that is not easily believed.

What happened
One person died in Battilcoa. Before the funeral, the body was kept in a hall. Friends and relatives were present all around. Meanwhile, a monkey comes and sits directly near the head of the deceased.

This monkey touches the face of the deceased many times. Kisses his forehead. There was a white cloth and then flower garlands over the dead body. This monkey tries to remove them too. According to the people present there – the deceased loved this monkey very much and used to feed him daily. According to media reports, the monkey was also seen trying to know whether this person’s breathing is still going on?

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