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तापसी बोलीं- डाइटीशियन पर 1 लाख रुपये खर्च करती हूं: मेरे पापा बहुत कंजूस हैं, उन्हें ये सब फैशन लगता है

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Actress Taapsee Pannu will soon be seen in Shah Rukh Khan’s film Danki. In a recent media interview, Taapsee told that she spends Rs 1 lakh on her dietician every month. Not only this, Taapsee told that she often used to argue with her parents about this matter. However, later Taapsee explains why such expenses are necessary in her profession.

My father is very stingy, he doesn’t like to spend money
In an interview given to The Lallantop, Taapsee told that her father is extremely stingy. Even after saving money all his life, he does not spend on himself. Not only this, he also gets annoyed when Taapsee spends money on him.

Costs around Rs 1 lakh per month
During the conversation, Taapsee further said- ‘I will go home soon and I know that Papa will scold me for spending so much on dietician.’ On this Taapsee was asked how much she spends on her dietician. So after hesitating for a few seconds, Taapsee said – around Rs 1 lakh per month.

Dietician needed in our field
The interviewer himself gets shocked at this and believes that his father is right. On this Taapsee told why it is necessary to do this in his field. Taapsee said – The films I am doing and wherever I am in my life. According to that, my diet keeps on changing continuously. After every four or five years my body would also change.

In this profession, most of us need the advice of a dietician to tell us what is best for us. It depends on which city or country we are in. The season also plays an important role in the diet. In such a situation, a dietician is needed.

Bought diet subscription from Taapsee for mother too
Taapsee told that she also buys subscription for her mother. Because, they have a problem with metabolism. They said- ‘Why spend on hospitals later, when you can spend on diet now?’ However my father refused to spend on mother, as he thinks having a dietician is a fancy thing. Giving clarification, Taapsee wrote – This is not a fancy expense, it is a necessity.

Let us tell you that Taapsee was last seen in the thriller film Blur, while soon she will be seen in Shah Rukh Khan’s film Danki.

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