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कांतारा को लेकर कर्नाटक सरकार का बड़ा फैसला: दैव नर्तकों को मिलेगा मासिक भत्ता, जानिए क्या है भूत कोला की परंपरा

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  • Karnataka Government’s Big Decision Regarding Kantara, Divine Dancers Will Get Monthly Allowance, Know What Is The Tradition Of Bhoot Kola

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The Kannada language film Kantara is not only being liked by the audience, but the film is also seeing a lot of influence on the government. The story of the film Kantara is inspired by those people who become dancers by disguising themselves as gods and then worship them. Now the Karnataka government has been influenced by this and the Daiva dancers who have completed 60 years of age are given a monthly salary of up to Rs.2000. The allowance has been announced.

government announced

Declaring this, Lok Sabha MP PC Mohan wrote on his social media account – “BJP-led Karnataka government has announced that all Diva dancers who have completed 60 years of age will get a monthly allowance of up to Rs 2000. Kantara The Bhuta Kola tradition shown in the movie has a lot of beliefs in Hinduism.”

Understand the tradition of Daiva dancers and Bhoot Kola

Bhoot Kola is a practice celebrated in rural areas of Karnataka. In this, the gods are worshiped by the people of the village. During the puja, the person of the village wears the garb of the divine and starts dancing. The person who performs the dance is called Daiva dancer. It is believed that during the dance, the deities come inside the person. During this, whatever the divine dancer says, it is considered to be God’s order to the villagers, the story of Kantara movie is also inspired by this practice.

Strong earnings of Kantara at the box office

The film Kantara, made under the banner of Hombale Films, is directed by Rishabh Shetty. The character of the lead actor of the film has also been played by Rishabh Shetty. The film has surprised everyone by earning 171.41 crores worldwide in just 20 days. The film has become the third highest grossing film of Kannada industry. Beyond this there is only KGF Part 1 and KGF Part 2.

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