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ऑस्ट्रेलिया के कई इलाकों में बारिश के बाद बाढ़: पुलिस ने कहा- बुर्कटाउन सुरक्षित नहीं है, लोगों को एयरलिफ्ट किया जा रहा

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Australia’s Queensland state is battling floods due to heavy rains. Due to this many people have become homeless. Police officials said on Saturday that Burketown, located in the north-west of Queensland, is not safe. The situation may worsen on Sunday. In such a situation, the local people, especially the elderly and children, have been ordered to leave their homes. Rescue workers are shifting people to safer places.

About 90 people from Gulf countries live in Burketown. On Friday, these people were asked to pack their belongings and be ready. Thereafter, apart from 25 elderly and sick people, 18 children were airlifted along with their parents. The city’s electricity was also cut off on Saturday. The council said that where the people of the Burktown community live, the water is constantly inundating. People’s safety is paramount for us, he appealed to vacate the area on Saturday.

Flood warnings were issued for large parts of the state on Saturday. Police are more concerned about the situation in the city of Burketown. Burketown’s Albert River has already exceeded its 2011 record flood of 6.78 metres. The Meteorological Department says water in the Gulf of Carpentaria community will reach its highest level by Sunday.

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted heavy rain on Saturday. Burketown was flooded after 293 mm of rain fell on Thursday and Friday. Police are also airlifting people from the mining town of Mount Isa in the south. According to media reports, the flood situation in the city of Gregory, located south of Burketown, is not known. Officials say that the people of the area are not being contacted.

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