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इलेक्ट्रिक व्हीकल मार्केट में 2030 तक आएंगी 5 करोड़ नौकरियां: आठ साल में 1 करोड़ को पार कर जाएगी देश में इलेक्ट्रिक वाहनों की संख्या

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  • Number Of Electric Vehicles In The Country Will Cross 1 Crore In Eight Years

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In the year 2022, the EV sales figure in the country reached 10 lakh. This is more than three times as compared to 2021. In the recent economic survey, the government estimates that the number of electric vehicles in the country will cross 10 million by the year 2030, as well as the number of direct and indirect jobs associated with it is also expected to be more than 50 million. Experts associated with EV and hiring sector also believe that EV sector can become a major source of jobs in the country.

Millions of new skills will be needed in the EV sector
It is the endeavor of the government that by 2030, the share of EV in the total vehicle sales should be 30%. The increasing number of vehicles will create a huge ecosystem of original equipment manufacturers and component companies. Lakhs of new skills will also be needed in the fields related to these.

Subject Job Demand

  • Scientific Research Chemical & Materials Engineer
  • Design & Development Electrical Engg., Commercial Designer
  • Software Development Software Engg., Machine Learning, AI
  • Manufacturing Equipment Assembler, Machine Tool Operator
  • Maintenance Mechanic, Technician,
  • Infrastructure Electrician, Powerline Installer

EV industry grew at the rate of 80.71% in 10 years in India
In the year 2013, only 2,693 electric vehicles were sold in India. In 2022, this figure increased to 9,99,949. That is, during this period, EV sales grew at an average rate of 80.71% annually.

Year sales growth
2013 2,693
2014 2,392 -11.12%
2015 7,772 224.95%
2016 49,065 531.22%
2017 86,120 75.52%
2018 1,27,576 48.13%
2019 164377 28.85%
2020 122171 -25.68%


325972 166.82%
2022 1009474 209.68%
Total 1,897,612

(Source – Vehicle Portal)

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