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इलेक्ट्रिक कारों के लिए कम ब्याज पर लोन: सामान्य कार लोन की ब्याज दर से 0.50% तक सस्ता कर्ज, 8% से कम दर पर लोन दे रहे बैंक

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  • Car Loan ; Ev Loan ; Loan Up To 0.50% Cheaper Than Normal Car Loan Interest Rate, Banks Giving Loans At Less Than 8% Rate

New Delhi4 days ago

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular in the country due to rising petrol and diesel prices and environmental concerns. The sales of electric cars have been increasing continuously for a few months now. While companies are launching new models, banks are offering loans for electric cars at rates as low as 0.50%.

Many offers apart from cheap loans
Apart from cheap loans, major banks have also offered minimal or zero processing fees for electric car buyers this Diwali. According to bank officials, interest rates for buying electric cars are being discounted by 0.10-0.50% as compared to ordinary vehicles. While SBI loans for normal cars have an interest rate of 7.80% to 8.65%, the green car loan rate for e-cars ranges from 7.95% to 8.30%. The loan amount and tenure of different banks may vary.

Get the benefit of tax exemption on loan
According to section 80EEB, if someone has bought an electric vehicle by taking a loan, then a deduction of up to Rs 1.50 lakh is available on the interest paid. This discount is available on e-vehicles purchased for both personal use and business purposes.

on buying an electric vehicle benefit of subsidy
Government subsidy of maximum 1.5 lakh is also available on buying an electric vehicle. The subsidy depends on the battery capacity of the vehicle. Apart from this facility of the central government, customers can also take advantage of state governments subsidy on EVs.

new launches increased
Sumit Bali, group executive and head, Axis Bank Retail Lending and Payments, says companies are launching new models of EVs. Now these cars have become more economical. Banks are also offering attractive loan against the purchase of EV.

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