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इंटरनेशनल न्यूज ऑफ द वीक: मेक्सिको में पटरी पर दौड़ती रही लपटों में घिरी ट्रेन; 26 साल की रोमिना पोरमो बनी स्वीडन की क्लाइमेट मिनिस्टर

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  • Dainik Bhaskar News Headlines Train Engulfed In Flames Running On Track In Mexico; 26 year old Romina Pormo Appointed Climate Minister Of Sweden

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A train caught fire after a collision between a freight train and a truck in Mexico. The fire was so terrible that nearby houses were also burnt. Here, British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned. At the same time, in Sweden, Romina Pormo was appointed as the youngest Minister of Climate. She is 26 years old.

In today’s International News Weekender, we tell you five big news of the world that dominated the headlines throughout the week.

1. Accident in Mexico, fuel truck collided with goods train

A horrific collision occurred between a freight train and a truck in Mexico. After the accident, the fire in the train is such that the train engulfed in flames did not stop but kept running on the track. The police went The shocking arrested the driver of the truck. Read full news…

2. Fire in Indonesia’s mosque, huge dome of Islamic Center collapsed on sight

A huge fire broke out in the huge dome of the Jakarta Islamic Center Grand Mosque in Indonesia. Then the dome collapsed. Renovation work was going on in the mosque. At that moment suddenly a fire broke out. Read full news…

3. 26-year-old climate minister in Sweden, Romina has an important responsibility in the new government

In Sweden’s new coalition government, 26-year-old leader Romina Pormotari was appointed climate minister. The new Prime Minister Ulf Kistersen announced the cabinet nominations on 18 October. In Sweden’s recent election, the Right Wing Coalition has won. Romina had earlier been the party’s youth wing chief. Read full news...

4. China’s Kovid Isolation Center Like Jail, Patient Imprisoned in Box

Corona cases are increasing in China. Meanwhile, a video went viral in which the condition of patients in isolation centers in China looked like prisoners. Some prison barrack-like rooms are visible in it. These white colored boxes have small windows open and a person wearing a PPE kit dispenses food and medicine from it. Read full news…

5. Britain’s PM Liz Truss resigns, said – could not fulfill the promises

British Prime Minister Liz Truss, who has been facing heavy pressure for a week, finally announced her resignation on 20 October. However, she will remain in the post till the next Prime Minister is elected. The Prime Minister told the media outside his official residence 10 Downing Street – I could not fulfill the promises with which I came to power. regret it. Read full news…

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