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अमेरिका में कब्र खोदने वाला शख्स बना करोड़पति: लॉटरी में जीता 2 करोड़, रेसर की कार नंबर पर लगाया था तुक्का

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A grave digger in America has won a lottery of 20 million. Luther Dowdy, 63, who lives in Lincolnton, North Carolina, has become a millionaire for the first time by playing the lottery. Luther says that I had made a ton of numbers, which turned out to be correct.

Dale Earnhardt’s car number was printed on
Luther said that he is a fan of famous American professional driver Dale Earnhardt. Dell’s racing car was number 3, which is why he bet on number 3. When the next day he came to know that he had won Rs 2 crore, he could not believe it. He says that I had guessed by keeping the number of Dell’s car in mind, but did not expect that I would win such a huge amount.

Dowdy is now planning for retirement
Dowdy first tried his luck drawing Crash 5. He chose three numbers as quick pick, in quick pick the computer automatically chooses the number for the person playing the lottery. Dowdy told that he would repay his loan with the lottery winnings. Along with this, one of his neighbors is facing financial crisis, he will also help him. After winning the lottery, he is also thinking of taking retirement by the end of this year.

Earlier these people have won the lottery of crores
Earlier, Marcia Finney of North Carolina had bought a lottery ticker worth Rs 2,000 from a food store, on which she got a lottery of 57 lakhs. Preston Maki of Michigan won the lottery worth 1.5 crores. At the same time, Katherine Robinson of North Carolina had bought a lottery ticket for 800 rupees, on which she won one crore rupees. The 55-year-old US citizen Scott Snyder won the jackpot amount of Rs 3 crore.

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Retired officer in America bought lottery ticket of number seen in dream, won Rs 1.97 crore

You all must have seen the film Fukrey, in which actor Varun Sharma played the role of a person named Chucha. The one who used to dream at night, then together with friends used to prepare a number and win the lottery. It was a matter of film, but now the news of a real life chick has come out from Virginia, USA. Actually, here a person named Coleman had bought a lottery ticket from the number seen in the dream. Surprisingly, this quote of Coleman came true and he became the owner of Rs 1.97 crore. read full news…

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