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अफगानिस्तान में गवर्नर पर हमला: बाख प्रांत के ऑफिस में सुसाइड ब्लास्ट, मौके पर ही मारे गए दाउद मुज्जमिल

KabulOne hour ago

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Daud Muzzamil, the governor of Bach province, was considered the best administrator of the Taliban. (File)

There was a fidayeen attack on the office of Governor Mohammad Daud Mujjamil in Bach province of Afghanistan on Thursday. Mujjamil died in this. The responsibility of the attack has been taken by the Khorasan group of the terrorist organization IS. Muzzamil’s office is in Mazar-i-Sharif, the capital of the Bakh province.

Afghan government spokesman Mohammad Shaheen said in a statement – ​​At present, according to the information we have received, some people had come to meet Muzzamil with their problems. One of them was a fidayeen attacker. The case is being investigated.

Muzzamil was a big leader of Taliban

  • According to ‘Tolo News’, Dawood Muzzamil was one of the top Taliban leaders. This is the reason why he was entrusted with the responsibility of a troubled province like Bach. Daud was considered one of the most capable public administrators of the Taliban. This is the reason why he was first entrusted with the responsibility of Nangarhar province. When he got the situation under control there, he was sent to Bach.
  • The Islamic State Khorasana group is considered to be dominant in this province and this is the reason why it often clashes with the Taliban. Most of the common people are killed in these skirmishes. He was sent to Bach in early 2022.
  • Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said – Taliban are investigating the matter. We are sure that we will soon reach the perpetrators of this murder, the people who carried out this attack are the enemies of Islam.
In early January, the Chinese Hotel in Kabul was attacked.

In early January, the Chinese Hotel in Kabul was attacked.

Chinese hotel was attacked three months ago

  • In December, a restaurant and guest house known as the Chinese Hotel was attacked in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Three attackers targeted the hotel. All three were shot down. Two foreigners were killed in the attack. After this attack, the Taliban banned the coverage of terrorist attacks. However, it was later withdrawn.
  • A few days before this attack, firing was done at Pakistan’s embassy. A Pakistani diplomat was injured in this.
  • In August 2022, there was a blast in a mosque. 20 people had died in this. The blast took place during prayers at the Abu Bakir Sediq Mosque in Khairkhana area of ​​Kabul. Amir Mohammad Kabuli, the cleric of the blast mosque, was also killed.

Indian embassy has also been on target
The Indian Embassy in Afghanistan has also been a target. In August 2013, three suicide bombers who attacked the embassy in Jalalabad were killed. Some Afghan army soldiers were also killed in this. During that time, Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan Amar Sinha personally met the killed and injured people and thanked them for providing security.

Not only this, the expenses of all his medical needs were also borne by the Indian Embassy. In 2010, six Indians were killed in attacks on two guest houses in Kabul. In July 2008, the Brigadier and two ITBP personnel were martyred in a car blast.

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